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We combine sustainability and investment – For us, sustainability means the responsible use of resources – The evolution of responsible investment

How does responsible investing fit in with the capital market?

We want to provide answers to this question by showing:

  • how we work,

  • how we make our investment decisions, and
  • what the evolution of responsible investment means for us.

In our day and age, global relationships can change at a fast pace. Bearing this in mind, we are always working to ensure that our funds reflect our values, amidst constantly changing circumstances.

That’s why it is important for us that all of our fund managers have an in-depth understanding of this topic supported by advanced training and continuously develop their knowledge base.

To facilitate this, we have created teams that explore the most important topics of the future (so-called “Zukunfts-Themen”). Because nothing in the world is simply black and white. Following the first presentations, the idea emerged of making this knowledge base accessible in videos as well, to show how intensely our experts research these subjects so that we can make the best decisions for your investments. As the work progresses, this website will continue to grow.

Dieter Aigner
Mag. (FH) Dieter Aigner
Member of the Board, Chief Sustainable Investment Officer

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